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Whatever your needs - business or personal - we offer creativity and professional advice that will help bring your ideas to life.


We deliver the TOTAL DESIGN package, through the RIBA Plan of Work. 


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Free initial consultation

A free consultation can be conducted by phone, and is without obligation.

Its purpose is to help you find the right service and get you started.

If you are unsure about how best to proceed, just give us a call.

Our starting point is not to assume you need a full architectural service. Rather we aim to help you determine if/what/when you need advice and make sure you only pay for the advice you need.

If further advice is appropriate we can assess your goals and circumstances and outline the best course of action for you via a written report. A fee will be payable for the advice which will be agreed and paid for in advance.

Why tectonics environmental design?

We know that selecting the right people for your project is one of the biggest decisions you will make. To help you decide whether we might be right for you, here are a few qualities we offer:

  • We communicate well, give peace of mind and are easy to work with;
  • We have gained planning permission/BRegs approval for all types of buildings, and have a special interest in listed buildings and conservation areas;
  • Our  modern, energy-saving designs are tailored to each client’s current and future needs, lifestyle, aspirations, budget and site;
  • We use state-of-the-art software to help clients visualise their dreams,  and speed up construction, reducing the risk of expensive errors and changes on site;
  • Our “Outturn”cost reports help clients manage their building budgets to make well-informed decisions;
  • Principal Nicholas Waring trained at the reknowned Bartlett School of Architecture and brings over 30 years experience to the practice.

We hope the above gives you the confidence to consider contacting us about your project. We will happily discuss your requirements with you and, if we feel we can help, will arrange to come and see you.


Initial half-day home visit


We can provide a four hour design session suited to a home renovation project that's typically over one floor of the home, such as a single storey extension. Your project can have more than one element; a home extension with the desire for open plan space including a dining/entertaining area and the addition of a utility room, downstairs washroom and so on.

We will start by scaling and measuring the relevant spaces. We will then sit down with you and prepare sketch designs for you to engage in.  This is a collaborative process where, through discussion, we may achieve the design you desire, with an agreed, drawn proposal in outline form by the end of the session.

The design visit is there for you to be inspired, excited and energised so that you can move forward with the right project for you and your budget. So remember, everything that is prepared and discussed during this initial visit has your budget in mind at all stages.


You will also be sent a further services menu based on the RIBA plan of work showing how to move the project forward. These will have been discussed in your initial visit so you will already have an understanding of what needs to happen next.

For more information on the next steps please have a look at our Range of Services section.


Range of Services

Whatever your project, we offer a full range of planning, design and project management services to help you achieve your aims. 


After the initial design visit we will send you the tidied up version of the sketches prepared with you during the initial visit. We also enclose your further services menu.

The further services menu lists the next steps we suggest you take to move your  project forward. These will have been discussed during your initial visit so you will already have an understanding of what is involved.

It could be that you'll require a full or part measured digital survey and factor in time for preparing much more accurate drawings.

You might need to consider the need for scheme level drawings for planning applications and/or building regulations applications.

It is likely we will have to consult with other specialists such as a structural engineer, a party wall surveyor, a quantity surveyor, garden designer etc. We will be able to find whose help is required and co-ordinate with them on your behalf, if you wish.

We could also  source and check contractor details and prepare tender documents for you .

Site visits and meetings might be another consideration.

It is your choice, and we shall advise you of all the necessary steps for your project.