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We are a sole principal practice based on the expertise of Nicholas Waring and his associates.


Nick trained at The Bartlett School of Architecture , a world leading multidisciplinary faculty of the built environment and brings over 30 years experience to his projects.


He has worked in the private and public sectors (including Westminster Council and The Honourable Society of the Inner Temple) on projects ranging from domestic extensions, to schools and care centres, to industrial installations, and has particular expertise in town planning and historic building conservation.


 The benefits of working with us at a glance

  • Passion
  • Quality
  • Creativity
  • Professionalism



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A set of basic drawings incorporates both existing and proposed plan and elevations drawn to a scale of 1:50 / 100 and is the starting point for any kind of extension, refurbishment or new-build project. These may be used to establish permitted development rights, building quotes etc.,

The following is intended to give you an indication of likely costs but are subject to particular circumstances. You are allowed two revisions before extra costs are added.

  • Ground floor extension plans up to 15 square metres £ 750.
  • Side return extension plans - £ 750 
  • Wraparound extension - £ 1,400 
  • 2 Storey extension plans -   £ 1,6000 
  • Over garage extension plans £ 1,600 
  • Loft conversion plans £ 1,600 
  • Garage conversion plans - £ 750 





All planing applications will require a full set of drawings including a site plan and a block plan to show how your property relates to its surroundings.

The following is intended to give you an indication of likely costs but are subject to particular circumstances. You are allowed two revisions before extra costs are added.

  • Ground floor extension plans up to 15 square metres £ 950 
  • Side return extension plans - £ 900 
  • Wraparound extension - £ 1,550 
  • 2 Storey extension plans -   £ 1,750 
  • Over garage extension plans £ 1,750 
  • Loft conversion plans £ 1,750 
  • Garage conversion plans - £ 900 





Technical drawings are another set of plans showing a lot more build details which enable building control to assess the project and to ensure that all the elements conform to current building regulations. Technical drawings are a requirement for all projects that are subject to building regulations.


The following costs are in addition to the costs specified above:

  • Ground floor extension plans up to 15 square metres £ 400 
  • Side return extension plans - £ 400 
  • Wraparound extension - £ 750 
  • 2 Storey extension plans -   £ 850 
  • Over garage extension plans £ 850 
  • Loft conversion plans £ 850 
  • Garage conversion plans - £ 450 





Planning submission services start at £ 350 . Disbursements such as the council planning application fees will be added.



 We can organise your planning and building control applications. 

 The fee for this service is £7,500 and is payable in two stages.

 Stage One of £4,000 is payable after the planning application has been lodged. Stage Two of £3500 is payable after the building regulations application has been lodged. 

 This fee covers associate services including the land surveyor, sewerage and drainage specialist, civil and structural engineer and heating system engineer. 

 It is a comprehensive package designed to maximise your chances of obtaining consents in the most hassle free way - and all at a very competitive price.  However, not all of these services will be required and the fee can be reduced as appropriate.  Reduction for example would be £500 for site survey and £600 for the sewerage report. 

 Stage One Fee includes for:

 ·         Site visit and walk over survey.

 ·         Level site digital survey of site (presuming 1/2 acre site).

 ·         Digital photomontage of house on site.

 ·         Section through site showing house in context.

 ·         Block and location plans of house on site.

 ·         Ordnance Survey map for location purposes.

 ·         Pre-Planning consultation.

 ·         All planning application administration.

 ·         Sewerage and drainage proposal and report.

 ·         Design Statement.

 Stage 2 Fee includes for:

 ·         Engineer's site investigation into ground conditions.

 ·         Engineer's road design to site.

 ·         Engineer's drainage and sewerage design.

 ·         Engineer's foundation design.

 ·         Engineer's specification for non-kit parts of house.

 ·         SER certificate.

 ·         Site specific architect's warrant drawings.

 ·         Heating system report and proposal by consultant.

 ·         All building control application administration.

 If the site already has a topographical survey, engineer's site investigation or sewerage proposal then reductions will be made to the fee.  Likewise difficult site conditions or topography may result in additional consultant costs that will be advised when known.

 The quoted fee does not include for the following:

 Travelling and subsistence expenses for the consultants.

 Cost of machine and labour to dig percolation and ground condition holes.

 Planning/Building Control fees of the local authority.

 Landscape design.

 Amendments instigated by the local authority

 Amendments instigated by the client

 Additional site visits





A work schedule is a detailed schedule of works where the various aspects of the build are broken down and specified in line with current building regulations.

Work schedules are used to enable contractors to tender or submit quotes for the specified work.

Whilst detailed specifications are not a requirement we always advise that any set of plans should be accompanied by a detailed schedule of works to ensure that the project manager gets proper and complete quotes without omissions. Work schedules will most certainly be required if you are attempting to get your builder to accept a fixed price contract.

Our costs to prepare detailed schedules of specifications are:

  • Ground floor extension plans up to 15 square metres £ 200 
  • Side return extension plans - £ 200 
  • Wraparound extension - £ 250 
  • 2 Storey extension plans -   £ 250
  • Over garage extension plans £ 250 
  • Loft conversion plans £ 250 
  • Garage conversion plans - £ 150 





A project manager is the person that manages the build. Many homeowners consider they can save fee costs and be their own project manager but in recent years we have seen a huge growth in project management requests from homeowners.

The main reason behind this shift is that there is a lot of legislation attached to any kind of build and if you get it wrong it can be a real costly headache to put right.

Any project manager that is involved right from the start is capable of saving you most of their fee during the build so don’t look at the costs as an extra burden to bear. 

On average, you could expect to pay between 4% to 7% of the build costs for project management services.