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We provide extensive advice and a suite of reliable and comprehensive services all tailor-made to suit your requirements. We're here to help you plan for success!


Our range of services

Whatever design you require, we offer a full range of planning, design and project magement services to help you achieve your aims. 




Given the dead costs involved in moving house, more and more people are choosing to make alterations to their existing homes rather than seek pastures new.
By choosing us you will have access to effective quality design, expert advice and professional resources.
But how do you start this process?
For a £500 initial fee, we can provide a half-day consultation, assessing your needs and illustrating the possibilities available.
We can explore design options and show step-by-step, the decision-making criteria that make great home design. Understanding the process of working with building trades is often half the battle - not to mention getting to grips with the full range of legal issues, planning permissions and building regulations involved.
We will take you systematically through all the stages, whatever scale of project you are considering.  We can also provide comprehensive information on building and interior materials and products to achieve your dream.

The further services menu lists the next steps we suggest you take to move your  project forward. These will have been discussed during your initial visit so you will already have an understanding of what is involved.

It could be that you'll require a full or part measured digital survey and factor in time for preparing much more accurate drawings.

You might need to consider the need for Scheme level drawings for planning applications and/or building regulations applications.

It is likely we will have to consult with other specialists such as a structural engineer, a party wall surveyor, a quantity surveyor, garden designer etc. We will be able to find whose help is required and co-ordinate with them on your behalf, if you wish.

We could also  source and check contractor details and prepare tender documents for you .

Site visits and meetings might be another consideration.

It is your choice, and we shall advise you of all the necessary steps for your project.


See the RIBA Plan of Work for guidance www.ribaplanofwork.com|





Planning Advisory Service


We can help you with your planning application, give you design options to consider, and make your case at planning appeal if necessary. 


Sustainable Development


There are three dimensions to sustainable development: economic, social and environmental. The planning system seeks improved performance in all three, and we can assist in the following ways:


 – contributing to protecting and enhancing the natural, built and historic environment;


- improving biodiversity, using natural resources prudently, minimising waste and pollution, and mitigating and adapting to climate change including moving to a low carbon economy.


- moving from a net loss of bio-diversity to achieving net gains for nature;


- replacing poor design with better design;


- improving the conditions in which people live, work, travel and take leisure;


- widening the choice of high quality homes.


Historic Building Conservation


Nick is a registered architect and graduate of the Bartlett School, University College London.

A former Westminster Council project manager, conservation and design officer, he trained with English Heritage and The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings.